Vox Pop: Towards a World Creative Economy Forum?

For a Design Week Vox Pop I was asked to respond to the question:

The UK could host a new creative conference, modelled on the now defunct World Creative Forum. What should the World Creative Economy Forum do differently to its predecessor to ensure its success?

My reply follows. In due course I will post my (un-published) review of the World Creative Fora that took place in 2003 and 2004. Somewhat related, Ravi Naidoo, one of the people behind the Design Indaba events in Cape Town, is hosting the Creative Company Conference in Amsterdam. There was some discussion of this event, which would appear to have much in common with the World Creative Economy Forum, taking place in London.

The original Fora were remarkable for their global character and high production values – and for having no discernable impact. This Forum should be more theoretical and more practical; giving us real data and telling rich, inspiring stories; treating all industry and skills as creative, rather than pretending there is a ‘creative industry’. Above all, it should be worldly and humanistic, rationally discussing the contemporary barriers to creativity and innovation, and facilitating a serious and grown-up debate about the future.

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  1. Interesting….Creative economy forum. Economy forum is not a wide welcomed by most of the people. What is the secrets and formula will attract people especially youngsters…

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